Kyburz eRod Electric Car

Jul 6, 2016

Category: Rides

At this point in the electric car game, people have come to expect a kind of finished and fancy look to their zero emission vehicles. Tesla set a high bar, and a handful of boutique supercar makers have exceeded it in their own ways. The Swiss company Kyburz isn’t interested in getting all fancy, though. Their eRod is all about fast, torquey fun.

This paired-down vehicle is like an adult-sized go-cart – no roof, no doors, just the driver, a passenger, and a whole lot of zip. The entry level version of the eRod comes as a 1,168 pound car that can jam around the road for up to 43 miles, and has a 96 volt 100-Ah batter that can shoot you up to 75 miles per hour and provides 60 horsepower and 103 pound feet of torque. For those looking to extend all of that driving pleasure, there is the ‘Fun’ model – packing a 17.3 kWh batter with about 80 miles of range and a bit more weight. Then, of course, there is the no joke fast-as-all-hell ‘Race’ version of the vehicle. With a 329-kWh batter with 324 Volt unit, drivers can hit a top speed of 87 miles an hour, thanks to the 201 horses and 225 pound feet of torque this version boasts. With a range of 137 miles, that’s hard to beat. Prices for these vehicles start at $33,400 and go as high as just over $100,000. [Purchase]

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