KUVRD Universal Lens Cap

For how ubiquitous they are, lens caps are amazingly ineffective pieces of equipment. They can get knocked off with the slightest bump – leaving your expensive, fragile glass exposed to dirt, dust, and water. Thankfully, those stock caps aren’t the only option out there for serious photographers. Introducing KUVRD’s Universal Lens Cap.

More a plastic sleeve than a traditional lens cap, this piece of equipment is designed to fit literally any type of lens – both on the front and back. Once on, it easily blocks out dirt, mud, and moisture while also providing a buffer from drops bumps and scrapes. Going on a rough and tumble trip? No worries – because the cap wraps around most of the lens body it simply can’t be knocked off by accident. All things said, the KUVRD Universal Lens Cap offers a great way to protect your most important pieces of equipment. And, it’s backed by a lifetime warranty.

Kickstarter: $30+