Kurukurunabe Self-Stirring Pot

We often see recipes that requires us to “stir two to three minutes.” Is it just us, or is that an unreasonable request? OK, so it’s just us, but that still doesn’t mean we view 180 seconds of over-the-stove stirring as cumbersome. To the rescue comes the Self-Stirring Pot from Kurukurunabe.

The contents stir themselves in this clever pot, all thanks to the magic of strategic air flow. A spiral ring gets the hot water swirling in a counterclockwise direction and in the process starts stirring your pasta, soup, and witches brew (don’t forget the eye of newt). The foam gets generated to the center of the pot for easy skimming, and it’s less likely to boil over too. Note: this stainless steel pot can only be used over a gas flame heat source. [Purchase]

Kurukurunabe Self-Stirring Pot 2