Kuckoo’s Sustainable Camping Trailer Rethinks Traditional Teardrop Designs

For all of their romanticism, teardrop trailers are not without their fair share of compromises. Because let’s face it — between their spartan sleeping accommodations and their obtrusive kitchen arrangements, they can make camping a pretty cramped and inconvenient experience. However, thanks to the efforts of German-based Kuckoo, there’s a new camper on the block, and it promises to revolutionize the traditional teardrop concept.

Meet the Bruno, an innovative mini caravan that’s based on a space-maximizing shape they’ve dubbed the ‘Squaredrop.’ In contrast to other trailers that position their cooking setup at the rear of the chassis, Kuckoo’s design incorporates a side-mounted sliding kitchen console that can be operated from both inside and out. What’s more, it features a large array of integrated shelves, cubbies, and drawers, making it incredibly space-efficient when it comes to storing your essentials. And because the Bruno measures some 14.6ft long, 6ft tall, and 6.36ft wide — whilst weighing less than 1,200lbs — it’s perfectly proportioned as a compact weekend getaway camper. But the best part is that the entire trailer’s structure is made from wood in an effort to be more sustainable, with an oiled interior and a fiberglass-reinforced outer shell. It’s available now for $19,400 and up.

Purchase: $19,400+