Kuat Class 4 Roof Rack

Kuat has made a respectable name for itself by constructing dependable roof racks for bikes and now they’re using their talent and expertise to produce roof racks to haul boats. Their Class 4 Roof Rack is built for kayaks and boats so you can pack for your adventure on the water easily once the rivers swell.

The J-style kayak roof rack is capable of carrying boats up to 80lbs conveniently with its magnetic store position and nifty end pull-lever release. It’s made with co-molded rubber to protect your boat, has an adjustable tilt to adhere to non-level roofs, and a ‘Locking Flip’ so you can install and uninstall it without any issues. The Class 4 Roof Rack also includes a t-channel flush mount kit, as well as rubber protected back buckles and stern lines. Additionally, Kuat offers the less expensive Class 2 Roof Rack, which doesn’t have a closable design but can still hold 80lbs. You can get the Class 4 Roof Rack right this second for $229.

Purchase: $229