KTM AX Buggy Concept

KTM never ceases to amaze with their continued prowess in off-road motorcycle and vehicle builds. The KTM AX is no different, drawing on previous successes over the years. Itt features a hybrid propulsion, four individually-steerable electric motors, significant ground clearance and reinforced tires for magnificent traction and agility.

The AX is a concept buggy worthy of the eyes of the most adventurous eco-conscious geeks. Its many components work together in a fluid motion to bring each rider all the excitement of off-road racing and exploration, with the reliability and control they’d come to expect from the KTM brand. The concept features a lightweight space frame with built-in rollover that ensures even if the ride gets a little too out of hand, both individuals will remain safe. Regardless, this thing looks like an insane amount of fun to us. Let’s just hope it finds its way out of conception and into production in the near future.