kSafe Lockable Smart Safe

They say if you truly love something you should set it free. But what if that something is king size Snickers bars? In that case, and in many others, if you love something you need to lock it up.

kSafe is a smart, connected, lockable safe that only opens when your goals have been achieved. Wanna make sure you walk 10,000 steps today? Lock your TV remote in there and the safe will only open when it sees you completed your goal. Wanna use the iPad mini? Lock it in the kSafe and set a location goal saying you have to check in at the gym or library for it to open. You can also program kSafe to unlock only on certain days of the month. The button dial and 360 LED ring lets you check on your progress too, so if the ring illuminates say, halfway around the oval, you know you’re 50% of the ways towards reaching your goal. [Purchase]