This $30K ’89 Batmobile Model Is Actually A State-Of-The-Art Desk Clock

Desk clocks come in a variety of shapes, forms, and sizes. Oftentimes, these unique, hard-top accessories have been crafted to bring an interesting aesthetic to your work, study, or leisure area, complementing certain themes or interests. For independent design firm Kross Studio and Warner Bros., however, the traditional desk clock is a canvas for something far more noteworthy — a recreation of the Dark Knight’s 1989 Batmobile.

The well-equipped transport made its debut in Tim Burton’s 1989 film, Batman, and made its mark as one of the most iconic vehicles in the history of movie production. Like its life-sized model, this unique replica features a handful of interesting, one-of-a-kind gadgets — although, these are catered toward time, instead of a vigilante lifestyle. Each example from the limited-to-100 collection will feature a painstakingly-produced, state-of-the-art clock movement, a complex, 512-component construction, and a black aluminum composite exterior, complete with an aeronautical-grade, scratch-protective coating. Inside, the time is displayed via two turbine-bound cylinders, complementing the clock’s 30-day power reserve. If you’re interested in acquiring one of your own, head to Kross’ website, where the limited-edition Batmobile is listed for $29,900.

Purchase: $29,900