KP Duffle Bag

The duffle bag isn’t something that typically sees a lot of innovation, until now. Meet the KP Duffle Bag, a minimalist bag that looks to stand-out in the stagnant market of travel bags.

The most immediately noticeable thing about this bag is its unique shape. It’s neither square nor cylindrical like the current bags you’ll find, but instead, it takes a sleek and angular approach. Its bright-colored interior provides more visibility when packing your things away. It has a slew of pockets, including a ventilated shoe pocket, quick-access pen/tool pocket, a quick-access cell-phone pocket, and a utility hatch. On the inside, you’ll find mesh pockets that are intended for your ties and socks. It’s water resistant, and even has water-resistant zippers. It’s expected to retail for $198, but it can be picked up via Kickstarter for $135. [Purchase]

KP Duffle Bag 2

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