Kota SPAD XIII American Flag Skateboard

Picture this: It’s the 4th of July, you’ve got on your red, white and blue Speedo, and you’re sucking on an ice cold bomb pop as you weave your way down the boardwalk in your USA-inspired skateboard. America would be so proud. Your parents… ehh.

As you go ahead and price out skimpy swimsuits and popsicles, we’ll tell you about the sweet treat your feet will be gracing, the Kota SPAD XIII. This board is handcrafted in Denver, with wood cut from Wisconsin maple and a textured finish on top to keep you in place. Old Glory is stretched across a 9 ½” wide X 43 7/8” long platform, and the whole thing (which goes for $314, deck only for $214) promises a fast and flexible ride. [Purchase]