Kormaran K7 Luxury Personal Watercraft

Making decisions is hard. You need to weigh pros and cons, think seriously about what you want and why, and then you have to live with that decision right or wrong. Unfortunately, this is an inescapable part of life. Or, at least it is for those who don’t own a Kormoran K7 Luxury Personal Watercraft.

With the ability to operate as up to four different types of boats, this thing is a dream for those who fear commitment. With just the flip of a switch the carbon fiber monohull can extend one teak-topped boom out, turning it into a catamaran. The flip of another switch engages the same hydraulic stainless steel and titanium system to transform the boat again into a trimaran. And then for a more fuel efficient option – the K7 can extend hydrofoils beneath the two booms. To make all of this that much more impressive – the boat can do all of this while moving across the water. And move across the water it can. The 23 foot long boat boasts a 493 horsepower triple jet drive and an impressive 45 mile per hour top speed. Prices for this 2016 Salzburger Wirt Schafts Preis innovation prize winner are available on request. [Purchase]