Korg Cliphit Clip-On Drum Kit

Oct 23, 2014

Category: Tech

Not sure about you, but for years we’ve been banging out beats with our hands on everything from lunchroom tables to steering wheels to girlfriends’ asses. Isn’t it about time we do something with this skill? The electronic musical instrument masters at Korg are about to help us with something called the Cliphit.

Just attach the dedicated clips to any surface you like and the world is suddenly your drum set. Whatever you tap gets translated into one of dozens of drum sounds thanks to the eleven included drum sets inside. You can vary the volume by the force of your strike, and even connect another device to play along with your own songs. The Cliphit also features a footswitch to control the kick sounds, a headphone jack, and a built-in speaker. [Via | Purchase]

Korg Cliphit Clip-On Drum Kit 2

Korg Cliphit Clip-On Drum Kit 3

Korg Cliphit Clip-On Drum Kit 4

Korg Cliphit Clip-On Drum Kit 5

Korg Cliphit Clip-On Drum Kit 6

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