Konami Jumps Into Retro Gaming With The Turbografx-16 Mini Console

Though admittedly a bit late to the game, Konami — the massive Japanese video game distributor, developer, and publisher — is finally throwing its hat into the retro console ring. And like their competition before them, they’re doing it with a smaller version of one of their most lauded 1980s home consoles.

Called simply the TurboGrafx-16, this gaming throwback is pretty much exactly what you’d expect at this point — a smaller, upgraded, plug-and-play device pre-loaded with a number of your favorite vintage video games. So far, the list of titles includes classics like R-Type, Alien Crush, Ninja Spirit, and a trio of others — although the brand is promising a steady trickle of others to be announced later. This new retro console will also offer a handy Quick Save feature (so you can jump back into and out of games whenever you want), HDMI compatibility alongside various display modes, and support for up to five players at a time when used in conjunction with a Multitap peripheral. Pricing and availability are to be revealed later down the line.

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