Kohler’s Smart Voice-Controlled Bathtub Offers Unrivaled Relaxation

Taking a long bath can be a supreme way to unwind after a long, difficult day. There is also a slew of potential health benefits therein — like reducing stress, relaxing sore and/or tight muscles, and more. And managing that is about to get significantly simpler and more high-tech thanks to Kohler’s Stillness smart bath.

Seeing as how bathtubs are decidedly low-tech most of the time, all the upgraded features are pretty novel — and they’re also quite comprehensive. Along with functioning as you might expect a bath to function, it also boasts mood lighting, a steam function, and even built-in aromatherapy. But that’s just the start of it. You see, you can also control all of those functions, as well as the ability to fill it up and/or drain it, with just the sound of your voice. That means, thanks to Kohler’s PerfectFill technology, you’ll get the perfect bath every single time. Of course, the whole package will come at a high premium, with the starting price set at $16,000.

Purchase: $16,000+