Kohler Finally Released Its State-of-the-Art Numi 2.0 Intelligent Toilet

Photo: Kohler

A few years ago, Kohler unveiled its unapologetically futuristic Numi 2.0 smart toilet, and even that may be understating just innovative it was. As time has passed, the unrivaled appliance company has finally made this dream a reality, as it can finally be installed in your restroom.

Functionally, the dual-flush device is Kohler’s most state-of-the-art option in its intelligent toilet line-up. It has a heated seat with adjustable settings, a warm-air drying system, and an automatic deodorizer. On top of that, it boasts an eco-conscious power-save mode for energy efficiency and emergency flush options in the case of power outages. For comfort’s sake, it has an elongated bowl and aptly-named Comfort Height feature, making it far more accessible for the average adult to sit down and get up.

Photo: Kohler

Above all else, it practically transforms your bathroom into a five-star spa, boasting a built-in speaker array and mood lighting to liven up your environment with the push of a button. Moreover, the Bluetooth-compatible device ensures you’ll never need to bring a waterproof speaker in the shower again, allowing you to stream music directly from your phone. Alas, the retreat-like experience wouldn’t be right without some much-needed voice assistance, which is where Amazon’s Alexa built-in tech comes into play, allowing you to adjust lighting and music without lifting a finger — after all, it wouldn’t be an intelligent product without it.

It’s worth noting that the Numi looks as good as it operates, highlighted by a streamlined composition built for the most modern living spaces.
Wisen up your restroom to the fullest with the Numi 2.0, available on Kohler’s website for $8,625.