This Showerhead Is Also An IPX67 Alexa-Enabled Harmon Kardon Speaker

Despite the popularity of listening to music in the shower, supplementing your bathing routine with some tunes has always been a bit tricky as the vast majority of home Bluetooth speakers must be kept a safe distance from the water and more often than not can’t be adjusted or pressed using wet hands. This premise ultimately prompted Kohler to release its Moxie Showerhead back in 2013 — a waterproof smart speaker integrated into a showerhead. Seven-years-on and the American kitchen and bath powerhouse has now unveiled an improved version of its smart showerhead and speaker device.

First unveiled at CES 2020, this updated model boasts a Harmon Kardon-tuned speaker specially-designed to mitigate and drown-out the ambient noise created by the shower’s running water. Further distinguishing this new model from its predecessors is the inclusion of Amazon’s hands-free Alexa smart assistant. The new Moxie shower speaker features an outer ring comprised of the actual showerhead piece, while a detachable smart speaker nestles in the middle and is held in place via magnets. This wireless setup does require that the smart device be taken out and charged, though a full charge is reportedly good for five hours of playback time. In addition to the Alexa-enabled smart speaker which has been priced at $229, Kohler is also rolling out a regular Bluetooth speaker version sans the assistant and voice-control functionality for $159.

Purchase: $229