Koenigsegg Motorcycle By Maskim Burov

Photos: Maksim Burov

In the world of automobiles, Swedish car manufacturer Koenigsegg is known for building a handful of supercars us mere mortals will only be able to admire from afar. And while multiple iterations and variants have made themselves available over the years, the overall theme of each release remains the same. However, one designer is giving us a glimpse into the potential future of Koenigsegg, and it’s in the form of a motorcycle.

The vision comes from designer Maksim Burov, who took the iconic look from the Swedish automotive company and adapted it to a modern cafe racer. He also admits inspiration for the bike came from the Lotus C-01 that sold for almost half a million dollars a while back. This concept though looks a bit more stripped down and road ready rather than outfitted to hit the nearest track. Its sleek and contemporary shape lends itself well to modern supercars and while Koenigsegg isn’t outwardly planning on supporting a transition into the bike world, we can’t help but to hope they eventually follow the lead of companies such as Honda and Suzuki in the coming years.