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Koenigsegg’s Hybrid 1,700HP 4-Seater ‘Mega-GT’ Does 0-62 In 1.9 Seconds

For anyone who has seen the lauded 2015 car documentary Apex, Koenigsegg should be a familiar name. But even if you haven’t seen the movie, the brand should still be on your radar, as they’re one of the car industries most elite automakers that helped create the hypercar category. And now it looks like they’re shaking things up again with what’s being called the world’s first ‘Mega-GT,’ the Gemera.

Unlike most other hypercars, this one was designed specifically for hauling passengers, as it actually features four functional seats (as opposed to ultra-cramped back “seats” in similar vehicles). Furthermore, it has storage space for up to four carry-on bags, front and rear infotainment systems, wireless phone charging, and more. However, with its revolutionary hybrid-electric powertrain — a groundbreaking three-cylinder engine (good for 600hp on its own) paired with a trio of electric motors (good for 31 miles on their own) — it’s also good for a whopping 1,700 horsepower and a mind-blowing 2,580 foot-pounds of torque that, together, can send the Gemera from 0-62mph in just 1.9 seconds. Though it might sound crazy to say, this might actually be the world’s first family-friendly hypercar.

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