Knops Adjustable Volume Earplugs

Hearing doesn’t come back once you lose it. That can be an extremely scary prospect when you really start to realize how much we rely on sound in our daily lives. While you can’t regain your hearing, you can protect it. And the Knops adjustable volume earplugs are a pretty killer way to do that.

Based on the shape of a classic gramophone, these clever ear accessories treat sound a little bit differently from other ear plugs. They don’t just block out sound completely or at a set decibel rate – no, they allow you to customize how loud the world around you is with just a twist of a built-in knob. Each pair of Knops comes with 4 leveled steps with appropriate situations for each. Step 1 is completely uninhibited clear sound, Step 2 is appropriate for ambient city noises, Step 3 covers live music, And Step 4 offers full isolation. Best of all, they work completely tech-free. That means no charging, batteries, or wires. Back them on Kickstarter now starting at $62.

Kickstarter: $62+