KNASA Chef Knife

A reliable chef’s knife is a highly valued asset in the kitchen, especially one that’s been tested and approved by NASA aerospace engineers. And while those two entities rarely have much overlap, kitchenware firm Habitat felt it was a necessary process in the research and development stage for their new KNASA Chef Knife.

So after several years of development, the KNASA knife is ready for release. And thanks to its patented ultra-hard alloy construction, the knife’s edge is twice as strong as titanium. Habitat also worked to bond the blade to a stainless steel body using their laser bonding technology. It features a Rockwell hardness greater than 70 and the blade also hosts nano serrations for unmatched cutting ability, actually self-sharpening over the years as new teeth become exposed through use. It’s what happens when you get a select group of the world’s brightest minds to try and reinvent one of man’s oldest tools. The KNASA is currently sourcing funds on Kickstarter for their first production run and is slated to retail for $129. [Purchase]