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Klaris Makes Crystal-Clear Ice Cubes Right on Your Countertop

The prevalence of ice is almost single-handedly responsible for the cocktail boom in the 19th century. While the quality of that ice has been lost to history, drinkers likely weren’t as concerned about impurities and mineral infiltration back then, as they were overwhelmed by the newness of the brash spirits hitting their tastebuds.

Today, however, we’ve largely become complacent with our own ice quality. Why is that? For starters, most of us have never experienced the difference that unclouded cubes make in our beverages, and thus don’t realize there are other options. Also, the process for making clear ice is quite arcane, requiring several added steps and an entire day’s worth of freezing time (slower freezing helps eliminate impurities). Klaris is a new brand that has streamlined the process so that making clear ice is not just easy but timely.

Not only does the Klaris unit take up a mere 0.75sq.ft of countertop space, but it clears up room in your freezer for actual food. Delivered in a patent-pending design, the Klaris ice machine makes four 2” cubes using the water from your own tap. What’s more, the ice only takes 6 to 8 hours to freeze, allowing you to achieve two to three cycles per day. Because clear ice evades bubbles and impurities, they take longer to melt and, thus, don’t dilute your drink as fast. And even when the clear ice does begin to drip into your beverage, it won’t affect the flavor as significantly.

Bump up the quality of your cocktails and non-alcoholic drinks with the Klaris ice maker, which is currently available to pre-order for $449 through the company’s website.

Purchase: $449

Photo: Klaris
Photo: Klaris
Photo: Klaris