While there’s no shortage of quality outdoor products to keep winter’s frozen elements off your body in even the most brutal conditions, dealing with the moisture inside your jacket can be particularly challenging if you enjoy vigorous winter activities. High-end sportswear company KJUS has developed the world’s first wearable smart sweat technology designed to combat the post-activity chill caused by trapped moisture.

The 7Sphere Hydro Bot Jacket utilizes a proprietary membrane made up of trillions of pores surrounded by conductive fabric. Once activated by electricity, the pores pump out moisture ten times better than ordinary membranes — effectively matching your sweat rate at the touch of a button. Wearers are able to monitor and adjust the sweat-wicking rate and check the jacket’s battery life through a custom app for iPhone and Android. This wearable technology is available for pre-order now and set to hit stores on December 10.

Purchase: $1,699