Kizer Audaz Folding Knife

While we constantly new and interesting looking everyday carry knives, it isn’t often that we come across one that’s really making leaps and bounds from a technological standpoint. But the makers at Kizer are trying to singlehandedly change that with a new ethos that encourages innovation outside of the now-commonplace “flipper with a frame lock.” And that’s evident in their new Audaz folding knife.

We can’t help but think that this knife was inspired by balisongs (butterfly knives), as it’s deployment system actually functions more like a swinging arm, with the scales sliding apart at the pivot to reveal the blade between them. But where it differs greatly is that this one locks once it’s deployed. It also features a wharncliffe style blade shape, has a sleek and minimalist appearance, and is said to be small enough to fit well into the category of EDC. It’s just a prototype for now, but we’re looking forward to seeing where this innovation takes the brand.

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