Kittyo: Play With Your Cat While Away From Home

Dec 6, 2013

Category: Tech

The first step to recovery from being a crazy cat lady (or cat man) is getting the hell out of your house. Drop the Cat Fancy magazine, put Catwoman on paws pause, and just leave. It’s OK now. You have Kittyo, a way to watch, play with, speak to, and record your cat (be sure to ask his/her permission first) when you’re away. Don’t even worry about your furry friends going hungry either because Kittyo even lets you remotely dispense treats. Delish.

Launching soon on Kickstarter, Kittyo promises iOS and Android users the ability to activate a sound to attract your cat, move a laser around for your cat to go ape-crap over, watch live video of your pet laying there all smug (you know cats do this), and let you to speak to your cat. “What’s up, Chester?” ::silence::  “You being a good kitty?” ::silence:: Just remember, you’re not technically a cat lady/man if you’re outside of your home.

Kittyo 2

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