Kitty Hawk Electric Solo Flyer

We still haven’t quite made it to flying cars, but Google co-founder Larry Page still thinks that flying can be a part of everyday life in the future. Kitty Hawk (Page’s latest creative endeavor), made a personal, all-electric flying vehicle that’s ultralight, compact and easy to use.

Reminiscent of a drone, the Flyer can hold one passenger in a central pod flanked by 10 propellers, and allows pilots to get lifted up to 10 feet off the ground whiling sailing through the air at 20mph- living your dreams of solo flight. And, as long as you’re flying over water or uncongested areas, you don’t even have to worry about getting a pilot’s license. Unfortunately, there’s no price yet on these neat little hovering vehicles, but Kitty Hawk plans to establish fleets of Flyers around the world for recreational use, so you could be soaring in one sooner than you think.

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