Kith X Coca-Cola Converse Shoe Collection

Finding motivation in the concept of international unity, Kith partners up with two iconic brands, Coca-Cola and Converse, to bring us a unique collection of collaborative kicks. This sneaker collection introduces us to four new denim Chuck 70s, and each one is a masterpiece.

All four models are made from premium frayed denim and feature the familiar Coca-Cola script embroidered in four different languages: Chinese, English, French and Russian. Each language is matched up with the appropriate colorways while each model is outfitted with an off-white, vulcanized sole along with a translucent green outsole, which is inspired by classic glass Coca-Cola bottles. They even have Velcro patches that are shaped like bottle-caps to add to the Coca-Cola theme. Pick up a pair this Friday at Kith shops everywhere and even masters of karate will be envious of your kicks.

Purchase: $150