This Collapsible Mobile Turbine Is Perfect For Powering Your Adventure Van

Though wind energy currently comprises more than three-and-a-half times more total energy put into the world’s grids than solar, wind turbines have failed to catch on for mobile and at-home use anywhere near the same extent as solar panels — despite being lighter and more efficient at harvesting energy. Recognizing this discrepancy, Danish outfit, KiteX has introduced a travel-friendly wind turbine dubbed the Wind Catcher that can produce up to 600W of energy and be used anywhere.

Weighing just 22lbs, this IP54-rated turbine can be set up by a single person in just 15 minutes. Paired with an included 3.5kW PM BLDC generator, the turbine itself is comprised of a trio of 13.1’ fiberglass and carbon fiber rotors with steel hardware and bearings, connected to a fiberglass and thermoplastic polyester tower via Dyneema-reinforced nylon belts and lines. Spinning at up to 140RPM, the Wind Catcher is offered in two versions, a Light-spec rated to produce 200W and boasting 19.8 – 22.8V, and the regular Wind Catcher, which offers 600W and 42.0 – 45.6V. The Søborg-based startup is currently offering both Wind Catcher models via a Kickstarter campaign — which has already surpassed its funding goal with more than 17 days left on the campaign (as of the time of writing) — starting from approximately $1,180.

Kickstarter: $1,180+