Kirin Home Tap Beer System

Feb 6, 2019

Category: Vices

While it seems like the craft boom has tapered off a bit, beer is still one of the world’s most popular beverages of leisure — and that means people are still trying to figure out new and interesting ways to deliver it to customers. The latest comes from Japanese brand, Kirin, and it’s called the Home Tap.

The system actually comes in two parts. First, there’s a design award-winning minimalist kegerator, created by Yota Kakuda Design — which looks almost more like a piece of art than a functional home fixture. Inside it, you’ll find a handsome 1L bottle (designed by Shogo Kishino for 6D) which features a unique oxygen permeation-blocking coating to keep the beer inside as fresh as if it came straight from a brewery tap. The kicker, of course, is the second part of the system: each month, a new bottle of beer will be delivered to kegerator owners for the price of roughly $69. Demand for the system is so high, however, over 15,000 people are already on the waiting list. The good news is that Kirin is working on making sure they can answer the demand.

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