Kimbo Camper 6 Series

Mar 5, 2019

Category: Living

There’s no shortage of rugged off-road camper shells — most of which will provide the perfect space for weekend getaways, rural retreats, and the prolonged vacation you’ve been planning since the first day of winter. That being said, Kimbo’s Camper 6 Series easily dwarfs the competition, providing a tailored, modern-day approach for mid-size truck owners everywhere.

The Camper 6 series was specifically built for mid-size pickup trucks — rather, short bed vehicles that are able to remove/leave the tail-gate down during outdoor expeditions. At six feet long, the riveted and sealed aluminum shell provides more than enough space for aspiring outdoor dwellers and comes complete with R5 insulation, solar outdoor perimeter lights, and three double-pane insulated windows that perfectly frame your chosen camping location. The handsome exterior is quickly usurped by the internal fabrication of the camper, which features a teak entryway, a loft bed, two couches, and a small kitchen area that’s been primed for socialization. USB ports and 110-volt outlets ensure that your devices will never fall to the wayside, while external 120-volt power connectors keep your outdoor peripherals running strong. Kimbo’s base camper starts at around $15,000, but if you’re interested in additional customization, head over to their site — they feature an extensive list of “add ons” to let you create a truly unique truck-bed dwelling.

Purchase: $15,000+

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