Kimberley Kruiser Off Road Caravan

Looking to completely rethink the way you look at camper trailers, the Kimberly Kruiser was built to tackle the great outdoors, while providing luxury amenities that you would never imagine for such a vehicle.

The Australians are really on to something with these bad boys. Each beautiful, yet rugged trailer has been outfitted with a set of 16-inch all terrain tires along with an advanced air suspension system that will have no problem powering through dirt roads and creeks. Opening the doors to the trailer reveals an interior that resembles that of a luxury yacht, with everything from frameless widows to a smart washing machine. The Aussies are also the first to implement a tropical roof. Other features include everything from a new hybrid energy system and reverse turn technology to Black Magic lighting (control without touching) and lithium batteries. These caravans are the real deal, and Kimberley Kruiser will even ship one right to stateside residents. [Purchase]

Kimberley Kruiser Off Road Carvan 2

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