Kimber K6S Stainless Revolver

When Kimber decided to break into the revolver scene, we would be lying if we claimed not to be a tad excited. Little did we know they would knock it out of the park on their first go-around. Dubbed the K6S Revolver, this little piece brings an unmatched level of performance to the world of concealed carry.

It boasts one of the smallest cylinders (1.39-inch diameter) in the market with just a two-inch barrel. However, don’t be fooled by its small stature. This puppy is capable of holding six .357 magnum rounds of ammunition and is also compatible with caliber .38 special, making it perfect for backup, concealed carry, and home defense. Also, the metal work on the piece is machined from fine stainless steel, setting the quality high above the fray regarding strength and resistance to the elements. It also features a smooth match-grade trigger, internal hammer, and rounded edges to prevent hang up during removal from concealment. It’s also light to boot, weighing in at a noteworthy 23 ounces. Available now from Kimber for $900. [Purchase]