Killspencer Recycled Air Force Parachute Bag

Using the old parachutes that have been decommissioned by the United States Air Force, KILLSPENCER has engineered a literal parachute bag to carry your valuables. If the paratroopers and pilots trusted their parachutes, then you can probably trust the Parachute Bag 2.0 not to fail you.

With all the best properties of the light-weight, tear resistant, and collapsible material that constitutes USAF chutes, the Parachute Bag 2.0 is reliable, and offers a cool story to tell. The mil-spec material that the Air Force uses to make its chutes is nylon. It’s unclear whether breaking down the chutes and converting them into drawstring bags somehow compromises the military toughness of the bag, but one could safely assume not. Perfect for your Air Force Ones or combat boots, KILLSPENCER declares their 2.0 version a more refined and redesigned iteration. The fabric has already lasted this long – it’s likely going to last a while longer.

Purchase: $45