Kilkea Superyacht

Yachts are a dime a dozen. Head to any dock in the U.S. and you’ll spot more than just a few fancy looking boats bobbing around. So how can you really stand out from the crowd with your own? How about this VARD supply ship turned super yacht.

We’re not sure what motivated the folks at Shackleton Superyachts, Vard, and Bannenberg & Rowell to turn the large vessel otherwise used for transporting cargo and supplies into a ship built for leisure, but we are impressed. A veritable king of the sea, this thing can accommodate up to 36 guests and cruise around at up to 15 knots for up to 30 days without refueling or picking up more supplies. Of course, a helicopter pad will be added because no super-villain worthy vessel is complete without one. The asking price? $62,000,000. [Purchase]

Kilkea Superyacht 1

Kilkea Superyacht 2