Grenade Screwdriver Set

Not having the right tool at the right time is probably among the top ten most frustrating things that could happen to a handyman. A simple task can be put off for hours if not days if you don’t just happen to have the right equipment to solve it in your pocket or bag. For all of your screw-related problems – this Kikkerland CD06 Grenade Screwdriver makes lugging along a 7 piece set of both Phillips and flathead bits easy and fun.

So long as you don’t forget to take this out of your bag before you go through the TSA security checkpoint at the airport, this screwdriver set will prove extremely useful. Equipped with small, medium, and large sized screw bits, you can take on tasks with just a moment’s notice. All you have to do is pop off the top of the plastic grenade, crack open the body, and pick which bit you want to insert into the magnetic driver. While it’s not quite good enough to toss out your regular set of screwdrivers – this thing makes carrying around a small set for quick jobs a no brainer. Prices start at $10. [Purchase]