Kia Soups Up The Sorento SUV With 2 Trail-Ready Concept Off-Roaders

Although SEMA may not be taking place in person this year, automakers are doing their damndest to keep the spirit alive, holding virtual reveals in order to share their wild would-be builds. Among the latest to do so is Kia Motors, a brand intent on showing its rugged side through a pair of SUVs named after national parks.

Based on the Sorrento X-line production model, each variant has been customized by California-based LGE-CTE Motorsports in order to demonstrate the platform’s trail-tested chops. For instance, the first of the two wilderness-themed builds is the “Pine Green” Yosemite Edition painted with a matte finish and given black accents to suit. Optimized for high elevation adventure, it features a rugged roof rack complete with an ensemble of off-road lights. The other Sorento is the Zion Edition done up in “Desert Sand” with gloss black trim. With its low-profile full-length roof box, it makes for a confident desert explorer that can haul plenty of supplies. In addition to their individual adornments, both cars ride on a set of 20-inch wheels fitted with 32-inch all-terrain tires. Complemented by a set of custom fender flares, skid plates, and brush guards, they cut quite the off-road image.

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