Kia HabaNiro Electric Crossover Concept

Unconventional done right is unforgettable, and Kia’s latest concept vehicle hits all the right notes with their design. The Kia HabaNiro Electric Crossover Concept is a fired-up SUV, giving us a glimpse at what the near-future holds.

Coming straight from a sci-fi film, this fully-electric, all-wheel drive crossover boasts a 300-mile range and level five autonomous mode, meaning no human intervention is required. However, the most engaging aspect of this vehicle, at least aesthetically, is its four butterfly wing doors. It’s packed with tons of tech, including the HabaNiro Eye Tracking System with 180° video display, 3D speed readout display, R.E.A.D. (Real-time Emotion Adaptive Driving) technology, and a full-width acrylic touch panel with Sensory Light Feedback. Not to mention, the crossover looks gorgeous with a two-tone colorway, which includes metallic gray and lava red. Our fingers are crossed for this vehicle to head into production.

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