KeySmart Pro GPS Tracking Key Organizer

KeySmart was already one of the leading producers of EDC key organizers with their many different color, material, and size options. And now, they’ve got a leg up on their competition with a new product, the KeySmart Pro – a key organizer that incorporates Tile’s GPS tracking technology into it.

This little device can still hold up to 10 keys of varying sizes, but now it has micro USB-rechargeable tracking tech built-in so you can find your keys whenever you’ve misplaced them by using your smartphone and the included app – and vice versa by making your phone ring. But it gets even better than that: you only have to recharge it once every 3 months and it comes with a key fob loop, bottle opener attachment, and even has an LED flashlight on the end of it for easier use in the dark. Get one of these for $60 and you’ll never have to worry about losing your phone or your keys again.

Purchase: $60