KeySmart’s Max Key Tracker-Organizer Lasts 2x Longer & Is Louder Than Ever

Since its founding in 2013, KeySmart has continued to push the boundaries of what a keychain can be. With each iteration, the pocketable organizational device has improved upon its predecessors, adding a variety of different finishes and features in order to add to its EDC appeal.

In keeping with the trend, the KeySmart Max makes for the most capable version yet. Even in its capacity as a keychain, the Max excels where others fail — in addition to storing up to 14 keys, it includes a loop ring that can be attached to a car fob and any number of other tools. But the KeySmart does much more than organize your essentials — thanks to its Tile tracking technology, it also allows you to keep tabs on your keys (or phone) should they go missing. And with a 150ft Bluetooth range, up to 60 days of battery life, and a 2x louder ringtone, you can rest assured knowing that no matter how many jacket pockets you have to look through, you’ll find your keys eventually. As an added bonus, it features a brighter flashlight and it ships with a free multi-tool. Available now on the KeySmart website for $120.

Purchase: $120