Keydisk Mini Key Holder

Finally. An end to bulky keychains that weigh you down and take up unnecessary space on your person or in your bag. The Keydisk Mini, currently campaigning on Kickstarter, is quite possibly the most low-profile and functional key management device around. It keeps your keys organized and fits in pockets of just about any size.

Each Keydisk is about 1cm thick and can carry up to eight separate keys in its unique design. Most of all, it’s quiet so no more jingling all the way when you walk. Plus, each product comes with a bottle opener and room for one key fob. It’s constructed from anodized aluminum and sandblasted, giving each Mini a sleek and durable characteristic. Keys are secured in its lightening bolt shape and are deployed in a multitool fashion from both sides. Also, the whole thing only weighs in a minor .35 ounces, barely more than the an individual key, so don’t expect this thing to weigh you down during your commute. Prices start at $12. [Purchase]