The K3 Is The World’s First ‘Hot-Swappable’ Mechanical Wireless Keyboard

When it comes to gear that we use every single day, we enjoy modularity. While most manufacturers give us an illusion of choice, Keychron has enamored us repeatedly with unique, computer-based options that don’t fall short when it comes to versatile use. Their latest project — a slim, low-profile mechanical keyboard dubbed the K3 — is a testament to this observation.

As the world’s first “hot-swappable” low-profile optical wireless mechanical keyboard, Keychron’s K3 was introduced to set a standard for adaptable computer peripherals. Whether you’re a gamer, an office worker, or both, you’ll be able to utilize the K3 in a variety of different ways, thanks to its interchangeable optical/mechanical Gateron switches, Bluetooth 5.1 wireless connectivity, and customizable keycaps, depending on your operating system of choice. Did we mention that the keyboard’s proprietary switches are 40% slimmer than conventional offerings found on most keyboards today? As a result, the K3 is smaller, lighter, faster, and more tactile than many of its counterparts. Head to Keychron’s website to pick sign up for information on the keyboard’s impending release.

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