KeyBiner Carabiner Keychain Multi-Tool

How much functionality can one attach to their belt buckle? The makers of KeyBiner are gonna help you find out.

The KeyBiner aims to refine the carabiner, that time-tested tool often used to securely carry man’s essentials every day. It features a key retention system that lets you keep your keys neatly organized and jingle-jangle-free, as well several other tools including a bottle opener, 100 wrench, 1/8” wrench, 3/16” wrench, 1/4″ wrench, 5/16” wrench, 3/8” wrench, screwdriver, pry bar, file, and 1/4″ screw bit driver. Screws and hardware are provided so you can custom fit the key retention to hold as many keys as you need (up to 14 keys), and the whole thing has smooth rounded edges, so you’ll never chip a piece of skin off or damage your clothing. You can also add on a 32GB slimline thumb drive if you like. [Purchase]

KeyBiner Carabiner Keychain Multi-Tool 2

KeyBiner Carabiner Keychain Multi-Tool 3