Key-Bit Keychain Tool

While we encourage everyone to be as prepared as possible with their everyday carry, we know that there are days when we don’t have everything on us at all times. While that’s not a problem most of the time, there are occasions when we wish we had one of the tools we forgot or overlooked. For those times, we wish we had something like the Key-Bit on our keychains.

This compact tool is an unobtrusive and convenient way to make sure you have a hex bit and driver on you every time you’re carrying your keys. The knurled case – made from your choice of copper, brass, or aluminum – is fitted with two neodymium rare Earth magnets with a separation force of 6.48 pounds. That means it’ll stay secure when you’re not using it. Inside, the hex broached hole fits most 0.25″ x 1″ bits – and it ships with a #2 philips head bit. This handy tool retails for $15. [Purchase]

Key Bit Keychain Tool 1

Key Bit Keychain Tool 2