Kevin Self-Defense Pocket-Size Handgun

The shotgun is the perfect tool for home defense, but when you’re out in the concrete jungle you’ll want a compact handgun with ample stopping power. Designed for security and police officers, the Kevin self-defense handgun concept, which is inspired by the ZVI Kevin semi-automatic pistol, is the perfect tool for everyday protection.

Designer Prokop Strnka created this pocket-size 0.38 handgun concept for short-range self-defense. It has a proposed range of 15 meters and appears to be inspired by a two-toned Glock 17 and a staple gun. The handgun design is intended for either self-defense or as a secondary firearm for police officers or security professionals. It appears to have a capacity of six to seven rounds, depending on whether you have a bullet in the chamber. The minimalist firearm design seems practical and portable, making it an ideal handgun to protect yourself in all-or-nothing close-quarters situations.

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