Keurig Drinkworks Drinkmaker Home Bar

Keurig has always been a major player in preparing you for the daily grind, but now they’ll help you unwind after your clock out too. Keurig’s Drinkworks Drinkmaker brings happy hour to your countertop, mixing up cocktails and brews while saving you from overpriced bar beverages.

All you have to do is pop in a pod for a spirit of your choice, such as an old-fashioned, margarita, mojito, or a Moscow mule, and let the machine do its magic. Each pod contains high-quality liquor and delicious flavors ready to be transformed by the Drinkmaker’s advanced cooling and carbonation technology. The Drinkmaker utilizes ‘Quick Cool KOLD’ technology to deliver all your spirits at the ideal temperature. And, with each cocktail, the machine dispenses the alcohol, water, carbonation, and other ingredients simultaneously, blending with precision as the delicious concoction fills your glass. The Drinkmaker also has an app where you can learn about your bartender bot, order more pods, and learn about new drinks. Ditch the flock of happy hour drinkers and create your cocktail or brew at the push of a button. This blessing of a machine will launch in select stores on November 19.

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