Kettal Pavilions

Jul 27, 2016

Category: Living

There’s nothing like a little indoor/outdoor aesthetic to bring out the joys of summer. Kettle Pavilions offers simple yet design-friendly outdoor pavilions that are customizable to an individual liking. Each pavilion features a modular structure that’s adjustable and purposed to allow for quaint personalization.

The Kettal Studio designs its own projects out of their personal design research and development studio. They work with concept creation groups and cross-cultural designers to produce contemporary structures and furniture supporting innovation in the space. In the case of these pavilions, buyers can customize the size, color and paneling options for the structures, including the sides and ceiling. They’re fastened to the ground for enhanced support and are made from self-standing aluminum that can be configured with blinds, or net curtains as well. Kettal also offers package options that include items like daybeds, dining armchairs, and matte glass or outdoor ceramic tabletops. So if an outdoor cabana lifestyle is your thing, or you’re looking for a nice addition to the backyard pool setup, be sure to check out these pavilion setups before the pleasant weather escapes your grasp. [Purchase]

Kettal Pavilions 6

Kettal Pavilions 2

Kettal Pavilions 3

Kettal Pavilions 4

Kettal Pavilions 5

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