Kershaw Launch 1 Automatic Knife

Laws regarding automatic knives vary wildly from state to state, but for those of you that are fortunate enough to own one (and possibly carry one for self defense), Kershaw has just released their Launch 1 knife.

The blade measures in at 3.4 inches, and is constructed from corrosion and wear-resistant CPM154 steel with a BlackWash finish, and has been mated to a contoured anodized aluminum handle. The knife is operated with a powerful push button, deploying in an instant, and its reversible pocketclip means it accommodates both left and right-hand users. Due to the fact that laws vary from state to state, Kershaw has decided to only sell the knife through authorized dealers. Each one is built in Oregon, and retails for $149. [Purchase]

Kershaw Launch 1 Knife 2

Kershaw Launch 1 Knife 3