Chris Cole Helped Create This Skateboarding Keychain Multi-Tool

With a partnership that dates back to 2017, Kershaw is still the only knifemaking brand to sponsor a professional skateboarder. And, as it turns out, having Chris Cole on your payroll has some serious added benefits, because they just called on him to help design a skater-focused keychain multi-tool they’ve called the Kickflip.

Although this device looks like a one-piece multi-tool, it’s actually two separate pieces that fit together with a nesting design. Both pieces are built from 3Cr13 stainless steel, but the larger frame boasts a stonewash finish and the smaller bit gets a black-oxide BlackWash finish. Together, they weigh just 3.8 ounces and measure up at 3.25″ in length. But that tiny footprint fits in a kingpin pipe wrench, axle nuts pipe wrench, small nuts pipe wrench, hex key wrench, and Phillips screwdriver. This might just be the ultimate miniature skate tool — yet it will only cost you $20.

Purchase: $20