Keramikus Ceramic Knives

After a year or so, you might notice rust forming on your kitchen knives, which is caused by oxidization. Now, there’s a set of knives, the Keramikus Ceramic Knives, that are made from materials that won’t oxidize.

More specifically, they’re made using special black ceramic zirconian dioxide materials that won’t rust or retain or spread bacteria. The designers at Art Lebedev Studio kept the knives in their furnaces longer to make them harder than the other ceramic competitors, which also gives the knives their black color. Each knife has a faceted handle that makes it easier to handle, and it also provides a modernized look over the average, run-of-the-mill knife. The knives are sold in a set which includes three knives, a small Vegetus, medium Shefus, and a big Usubus, each one available to fit your needs. Sets are available starting at $120. [Purchase]

Keramikus Ceramic Knives 02

Keramikus Ceramic Knives 03

Keramikus Ceramic Knives 04