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Legacy Classic Restored A Genuine 1937 Kenworth Natl Park Tour Bus

If you’re a regular of Jackson Hole, Wyoming — or any other beautiful outdoor park area, for that matter — you’re likely fond of the vintage tour buses that you’ve seen transporting tourists and travelers from valley to peak. While these old-school staples were much more prevalent in the middle of the 20th century, they still hold a spot near and dear to our hearts, reminding us of a simpler time, where exploration, preservation, and retro design was plentiful. Now, Wyoming’s Legacy Classic Trucks has decided to revitalize some of that nostalgia with a fully-restored, limited-edition Mount Rainier Touring bus.

To kick off the vintage project, the company sourced a rare red and black 1937 Kenworth bus — an odd specimen from the early years of the now-renowned, large-format semi manufacturer. In 1962, they were retired from the area’s fleet, leaving many to sit unused for the next 40 to 50 years. However, after acquiring one of these unique vehicles, Legacy Classic took to the drawing board, revitalizing the bus through the implementation of period-correct paint, rust repair, retro-style instrumentation, and patina’d wood flooring. To round things out, premium Italian leather upholstery has been added to the vehicle’s 18-seat interior, bringing an aura of vintage class to the Kenworth. Head over to Legacy’s website to learn more about the $580,000 listing.

Purchase: $580,000