A Famous Architect Designed These Woven Bamboo ASICS Sneakers

The worlds of industrial and architectural design share a close kinship, finding solace within effectual prominence and the prevocation of mankind’s ability to amplify a textile, space, or geometric shape. Footwear is, perhaps, one of architecture’s most closely-related relatives — an amalgamation of granular accents, fabrics, and systems that promote a comfortable, form-fitting ideology; something which both Kengo Kuma and ASICS place at the forefront of their work.

The Kengo Kuma x ASICS Metaride AMU Sneaker is more than a contemporary running shoe, it’s a passion project that bridges the gap between novel intricacies and functional design. To achieve this, the brand’s Metaride silhouette acts as an attractive foundation for Kuma’s unique, textured exterior, which boasts interwoven synthetic strips that mimic Yatara-knit bamboo and work hand-in-hand with the shoe’s wood-based midsole to promote proper running techniques. These attributes, when combined with the shoe’s supportive GUIDESOLE technology, FLYTEFOAM, and mono sock, place an emphasis on the AMU’s environmentally-conscious construction, giving Kuma’s ostentatious design choices an aura of grounded validity. The Kengo Kuma x ASICS Metaride AMU will be available at select locations in Osaka and Harajuku, Japan on December 20 for approximately $330.

Purchase: $330